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Backups & Business Continuity

If your dental office is like most others, your backup probably is no good and has never even been tested.

It's just a fact. Most dental offices do not know how to look at a backup and know that it's good or not good. It's not enough to know that it's been run. One has to know if it actually backed up the desired files!

Most backup systems that are run manually are done so once per day. So, assuming the last backup worked flawlessly, when you restore your data it'll likely be 24 hours old...or older.

Everyone has a "File Backup"'s no big deal!

Even us. For many years, it was a great way to back up files inexpensively. But they take a long time to do - several hours per night. They take a long time to restore (sometimes DAYS for a full-system restore) and they have other problems.

But what if we told you that with Turnkey's Managed Backup solution, your backups take only SECONDS, they run HOURLY, and the data in them is never more than ONE HOUR OLD.

It's true. We use virtualization technology to do system backups. We'll keep an image of your server for up to a year.

The popular software companies, Dentrix and Eaglesoft, are blissfully stuck in yester-year with their file backup software.

If your practice uses DDS Rescue, OATS Backup, or Pattlock, you are overpaying for old technology which is probably not serving you as well as you think.

They charge a lot for old technology that doesn't work very well to begin with. For just a few dollars over what you currently pay, you could switch to our FULLY MANAGED backup system and have total peace of mind.

They charge you extra to "look at" your log files regularly. But we've found more often than not, that it doesn't get done.

Turnkey Managed Backup solutions are fully checked, tested, and restored EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

Henry Schein doesn't do that and neither does Patterson. They both offer basic backups, but they are exorbitantly expensive.

Call Turnkey today to talk about the great benefits of being treated financially fairly, while still enjoying the benefit of using cutting-edge, next generation technology to ensure that your practice will enjoy full business continuity in the even of a critical system failure.



Do you want to talk about backups? We do!

Lets talk about backups and business continuity. Being able to retrieve data from backups is almost as important as the data itself. Why gather all this patient data if you can't get it back in the case of an emergency?

Backups & Business Continuity