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Dental IT Maintenance Plans

Introducing the Turnkey EDGE Remote Support Plan

Finally, a structured computer support and maintenance plan designed with dental offices in mind! 

Is your office manager always dealing with computer crises? Do your employees lose productive time because their computers do not work right? Don't you wish you had a computer support strategy that was proactive, rather than reactive, so that key employees could have their time back and do their actual jobs? 

Because of our experience in dental office technology, we have learned many things that other computer support companies simply do not know. We understand that when critical systems are down, restoring service is a very high priority, and can be very expensive.

Thankfully, the Turnkey EDGE Remote Support Plan can prevent this type of costly downtime through pro-active systems maintenance and monitoring. 

Here is what our Turnkey EDGE Plan includes:


It's important to know if your computers are beginning to have problems with basic things that they shouldn't. Computers can begin having problems before humans recognize the symptoms. This leads to computers 'blind-siding' users with unexpected downtime. If the early warning signs were there all along, why not watch for them?

We monitor all your computers 24x7x365 for various early warning signs of failure. This allows us to predict and plan for outages before they cause downtime. 

  • Early warning signs of hard disk malfunctions
  • CPU temperature alerts
  • High CPU and memory utilization are what cause computers to be slow. We monitor both. 
  • Backups - We will check them for you every day to make sure they can be trusted.
  • Event logs monitored for critical events and errors that could impact the network
  • Dental software version management



Our maintenance solution is fully automated and will keep your computers optimized for peak performance:

  • Patch installation and management for all Windows and security updates
  • Scheduled maintenance windows for all computers during off-peak times
  • Hard disk optimization and defragging
  • Scheduled system reboots
  • Scheduled modem, router, and hub/switch reboots (equipment required)


Remote Support

  • Our technicians will perform all desktop computer support for your organization.
  • We will remotely log in to investigate and fix any issues flagged by our monitoring and maintenance systems.
  • We will become your first point of contact for all computer or hardware. We will work with your software vendors to resolve issues so you do not have to. 
  • Sometimes, onsite support is needed. We will communicate with your local hardware company and dispatch them if necessary to perform certain physical tasks.



We will deliver regular reports to you about your computer network, at a frequency based on your preference. Several monthly reports will be sent to your inbox that tell you how your systems are running:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly performance data
  • Uptime data for servers
  • Inventory and inventory changes
  • Computer specs and ages
  • Notification of certain important events, such as unexpected server downtime



We know no boundaries! Our service is available to customers in all 50 states.


We would love to send you more information about the Turnkey EDGE Remote Service Plan! If you are interested in letting our technology help you manage yours, please provide basic practice technology details about your practice in the form provided.  



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