At Turnkey Computer Systems, we want to remove the hassles of computer systems management and allow you to focus on what you do best...dentistry.

And so, we approach every day with one simple directive in mind: You Handle the Dentistry, We'll Handle the Technology.

While dental office technology may seem simple at first glance, it is usually a complex mix of software, hardware, bridges, databases, integrations, 3rd-party programs, and media. It is crucial that all subsystems within work well so you can present a smooth office workflow to your patients.

Because your computer systems are so critical to your workflow, your network and procedures must be designed and deployed with simplicity and reliability in mind. Your computer network must be designed to handle not only the recommended specifications for each program you use, but also the combined specifications needed for all your programs.

Taking advice solely from the software or dental supply company who provides your primary software systems can be risky. Why? Because their advice is sometimes tilted to make their programs work. However, you need more than that....you need all your programs to work well together.

That is the advantage of working with an independant I.T. services provider like Turnkey. There are many companies who contribute technology to your dental office. As your independant technology advocate, we are the one party who works with all of these companies on your behalf to ensure you have the best chance for success. The resulting solution is a stable environment in which your technology can flourish.